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TradePMR Rolls Out Refined Trading Tools on Top-Ranked Custodial Platform Fusion

TradePMR Rolls Out Refined Trading Tools on Top-Ranked Custodial Platform Fusion

New integration with Flyer available to automate trading with third-party portfolio management and rebalancing platforms

Registered Investment Advisors seeking alpha now have access to modern trading tools that enable an advisor to quickly streamline an advisor’s day-to-day operations. TradePMR, a technology and custodial services provider that works exclusively with Registered Investment Advisors, has announced multiple trading updates to its top-ranked custodial platform, Fusion. Enhancements include sleeve trading capabilities for model strategies and portfolio options hedging for advisors looking to generate more yield through options strategies. The firm has also integrated with Flyer Trading Network, Flyer’s advanced, multi-asset network, to streamline trading.


Advisors can now build a customized portfolio strategy made up of existing models to develop a sleeve within Fusion. Strategies provide real-time asset class information utilizing a direct integration with Morningstar. An integration with FinMason provides risk scoring and strategy analytics directly in Fusion. Advisors are able to rebalance across the strategy or at the account level or at the model sleeve level.

“Customizing at scale can be a daunting task,” said Robb Baldwin, founder and CEO of TradePMR. “2020’s market volatility is a perfect reminder to us all – it seems that investors need their financial advisors more than ever. In my opinion, sophisticated trading tools are a necessity to thrive and effectively manage overall portfolio strategies for clients.”

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TradePMR has partnered with Flyer, a provider of trading tools, connectivity and infrastructure for the wealth management industry, to automate advisor trading using Flyer Trading Network (FTN). Advisors using third-party portfolio management and rebalancing platforms may now electronically trade equities, including ETFs, and mutual funds intraday. FTN streamlines the advisor trading experience by eliminating the need to export and upload order and allocation files across multiple platforms.

“Our partnership with TradePMR is a natural fit,” said Brian Ross, CEO at Flyer. “We believe the integration allows TradePMR advisors to be more efficient and control a broader array of market opportunities for their investors.”

FTN standardizes and manages the connections between advisor platforms and TradePMR with a unified API for trade and post-trade workflows.

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Fusion’s new Options Hedge feature gives an advisor the ability to automatically generate a covered call or protective put position across multiple accounts at the portfolio level, based on advisors’ hedge settings. Advisors can monitor their options positions and quickly close or roll into a new strike price position or expiration using Fusion’s new option summary report.

“Advisors today are regularly challenged by their clients to prove their worth. Navigating volatility with spread strategies is something advisors can take advantage of today in Fusion,” stated Baldwin. “In my opinion, managing an options portfolio can demonstrate their skills and differentiate their value.”

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