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Trust Payments Announces Its New Crypto Partnership With Everest

Trust Payments, a leading-edge Fintech group, is excited to announce its partnership with Everest, a licensed crypto custodian.

Trust Payments, a leading-edge Fintech group, is excited to announce its partnership with Everest, a licensed crypto custodian.

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The partnership brings a lot of opportunities for merchants to extend their business into the world of crypto. With the partnership, financial transactions are borderless for any debit card user. Plus, users can deposit fiat-in anywhere in the world and buy crypto over Everest’s licensed platform. This platform opens up access for users to move in and out of traditional finance freely. This means that users can buy cryptocurrencies and a multitude of access services, like cross-border payments and decentralized finance tools such as borrowing, lending, staking.

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“We are excited to start our partnership with Everest. Users can buy crypto quickly and easily and later trade, send, receive across many services on the Everest platform. Our merchants wanting to expand globally into the crypto market can benefit a tremendous amount from the services they have to offer,” Alison Conway, Head of Strategic Development, commented.

One thing a merchant can struggle with is getting fiat (money) into the cryptosystem safely, securely and compliantly. However, with EverWallet (web and mobile), users can buy crypto on their debit card and Trust Payments will process the card transactions so that users can buy crypto anywhere they are worldwide. Once completed, users are free to do what they like with the crypto they bought.

This partnership will further allow Trust payments users to grow their crypto business with a new generation of financial services benefiting many users, from merchants to token issuers, and other users such as ‘Direct to Consumer’ (D2C) and ‘Business to Business to Consumer’ (B2B2C).

“As we grow and scale, we are thrilled to partner with Trust Payments and offer solutions where users can deposit fiat-in from any debit card from anywhere in the world and purchase crypto over Everest’s licensed platform. Trust Payments’ ability to process debit card transactions will increase Everest’s reach and ease-of-use, bringing about mass-market crypto services, like buy, sell, trade, send any currency globally, access lending and borrowing.” shares Bob Reid, CEO Everest Network Ltd.

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