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X1 Card, the Smartest Credit Card Ever Made, Launches for a New Generation of Cardholders

X1 Card, the Smartest Credit Card Ever Made, Launches for a New Generation of Cardholders

X1 Card, the first challenger credit card for digital natives, is now exiting a six month private beta and beginning roll out to its 350k waitlist

X1 Card, the smartest credit card ever made, is now officially available in the U.S. X1’s debut was met with excitement and anticipation, attracting the fastest growing fintech waitlist of all time with more than 350,000 people. Now, after being in a private beta for the last six months, the X1 Card is officially rolling out to the public, starting with its waitlist.

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X1 Card reimagines the credit card from the ground up. It harnesses the power of technology to offer smart credit limits, an unparalleled rewards program, and automated features that will transform the way you shop and spend:

  • Smart features for better shopping: X1 Card uses proprietary smart technology that lets cardholders cancel subscription payments in one click, end free trials automatically with auto-expiring virtual credit cards, get instant notifications on refunds, and create virtual cards for one-time use. Cardholders can also shop anonymously without disclosing their personal information.
  • An unparalleled rewards program with no annual fee: The X1 Card gives points for every single purchase. The reward structure coupled with no annual fees is unmatched in the industry with 2x points on every $1 spent, 3x points on every $1 spent for the year if you spend $15K+ on the card in that year, and 4x points on every $1 spent for a month for every friend you refer.
  • Higher limits: By looking at current and future income instead of credit score, the X1 Card can responsibly set smart credit limits higher than traditional credit cards. The higher limit also gives cardholders the opportunity to have a lower utilization rate, allowing them to increase their credit score faster.
  • Partnered with Visa: X1 Card is partnered with Visa Signature, allowing cardholders to use it at more than 46 million merchants around the world. Points can be redeemed at top brands including Apple, Airbnb, Asos, Casper, Crate & Barrel, Glossier, Nike, Patagonia, Peloton, REI, Sephora, Supreme, Wayfair and more.
  • No foreign transaction fee: The X1 Card can be used anywhere in the world that accepts Visa without incurring any foreign transaction fees.
  • A new look for a new generation: The X1 Card is made with 17 grams of sleek, stainless steel, giving it a modern look.

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During the beta, X1 attracted customers from all sorts of backgrounds, including founders, artists, teachers, healthcare workers, tech workers, the self-employed, and even a billionaire. While in private beta, X1 found the following:

  • Engagement in the same league as Robinhood: X1 has much higher engagement than traditional finance apps — beta users are opening the app an average of 10x a day, with some opening it as much as 50x a day.
  • Higher credit limits as promised: The card claimed up to 5x higher credit limits when it was unveiled last year — in the beta, customers’ X1 limits are 7.5x higher than their average credit card limit.
  • Smart spending: Customers have also created hundreds of virtual cards (disposable card numbers) for smarter online spending. Cardholders also earned up to 10x points at select merchants while shopping within the X1 App.
  • Instant Access: 50% of X1 customers made their first transaction via Apple Pay, virtual card, or online before their metal card was delivered. Customers whose card was lost or stolen were able to use a replacement card instantly online or via Apple Pay.
  • Top of wallet: Within 60 days of having the card, 45% of customers started using X1 for the majority of their spending. Within six months and with a few hundred customers, X1 has driven more than $1M in spend and is nearing an annual transaction run rate of $10 million.
  • Better payments: More than half of X1 customers are on autopay (monthly, weekly or biweekly). More than one-third have set up autopay with weekly or biweekly frequency, which isn’t offered anywhere else in the industry.

“With X1, we tossed the rulebook out and designed the first challenger card for digital natives,” said co-founder and CEO Deepak Rao. “X1 delivers a superior experience that feels both simpler and smarter than any other credit card on the market, and we were so honored last year when hundreds of thousands of people joined our waitlist to get access to that experience. After months of hard work and an extremely promising private beta, we’re thrilled to start rolling out X1 Card to the public.”

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