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YFT Network Brings Financial Insight to the Israelite Community

YFT Network Brings Financial Insight to the Israelite Community

Descendants from lost tribes of Yisrael have made an historic move by teaching financial literacy, blockchain and digital market trends to underprivileged communities. By using the power of the internet and social platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and a revolutionary subscription service Patreon. YFTnetwork took advantage of these resources to connect with those who are clueless about the transitioning economy

The problem is, the general attitude towards digital assets has been skeptical, at best. This is where YFTnetwork comes in. YFTnetwork brings together like-minded individuals from an overlooked and under-represented community, in order to help each other achieve financial stability through digital assets. Learning how to navigate the world of digital assets is imperative for recognizing and rising above the fall of fiat currency.

Months before the COVID-19 pandemic took over the United States, YFTnetwork was Founded by Musician/Investor Y.O. Chizz, Crypto mining guru/Serial investor Judah Maccabeus, Former pro-Athlete/Economist Yahshua, Organizational direct Ms.Nayas, Portrait artist/Entrepreneur Ezriel Judah, & new addition to the network NFTartist/Author J-Poze. YFTnetwork is operated by the Israelite community, with the goal of empowering others with the knowledge they need to navigate through the new digital financial system. Being informed is always the best decision!

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YFTnetwork has predicted massive gains over the past year and a half, calling for many assets to appreciate in value, such as Theta, which was called at $0.50 cents in 2020 and has traded at a recent high of $15 (+2700%). In 2020, the Chainlink rally was called at $4, and is trading at a high of about $40 to date. Also predicted was the Ethereum market bottom at roughly $100, now trading above $2,000. In February, the Digibyte rally, which gained investors almost 300%, was anticipated by YFTnetwork, as well as 500% gains for ANKR, Casinocoin 4000%, XRP 925%, plus many more. Their highly skilled team of technical & fundamental analysts boast an impressive accuracy rate, resulting from the very skills they are teaching to the community.

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YFT is a social information network, and does not claim to give out financial advice.  However, they do share insight of fundamental and technical setups seen in the market on their PATREON (social subscription service). Anyone looking to stay informed about updates on Financial Technology and the CryptoCurrency ecosystem, as well as interact with like-minded individuals.

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