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ZoodMall and OpenSooq Add Qi Card as Payment Option

ZoodMall and OpenSooq Add Qi Card as Payment Option

Iraqi Consumers Gain Safer Way to Transact with Top Retailers

Qi Card, the leading electronic payment solution and national debit/credit card of Iraq, today announced that ZoodMall and OpenSooq have joined the legions of retailers accepting Qi Card as a form of payment. This announcement marks the latest in a series of moves by Qi Card to expand the depth and breadth of offerings available to Iraqi citizens.

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Seven million Iraqi citizens trust Qi Card to conduct financial transactions with safety and ease. Qi Card is delighted to include Zoodmall and OpenSooq among the 6,000 vendors that work with Qi Card to provide exceptional shopping experiences for consumers.

Both popular e-commerce sites, OpenSooq and ZoodMall have a focus on serving middle eastern communities. OpenSooq is the leading mobile classifieds platform in the Middle East & North Africa region while Zoodmall facilitates cross border trade of more than four million products from over 30,000 sellers.

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This announcement follows closely on the heels of several exciting announcements and two big launches from Qi Card. On August 24, the company announced the launch of Salifni, an emergency loan program allowing qualified, ministry employees to receive 200K IQD in advanced salary payments. Two weeks earlier, Qi Card revealed Ekhtiyari Card which allows card holders to personalize their card’s aesthetic.

Online shopping habits present a unique set of risks for consumers as they expose themselves to identity theft and other cybercrimes. When shoppers elect to use Qi Card as their payment provider, they can have confidence that the products and services are based on the principle of maximum protection, accessibility, ease of use and full transparency.

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