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Lincoln Financial Launches LincSmart, A Simplified Benefits Administration Experience

Lincoln Financial launches LincSmart, a simplified benefits administration experience

Offering access to technology solutions and expert consultation, LincSmart helps deliver an improved benefits experience for employees and less administrative burden for employers.

As part of its commitment to enhancing the customer experience, Lincoln Financial Group announced the launch of its new insurance technology (InsurTech) experience, LincSmart. Through the use of a secure, real-time data exchange with key InsurTech partners, LincSmart streamlines the benefits management experience for Lincoln’s employer customers, leading to improved efficiency, accuracy and reduced administrative burden.

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“Our Workplace Solutions organization is committed to helping drive positive outcomes for employers, employees and their families”

LincSmart seamlessly integrates with employers’ existing systems and offers access to digital solutions that can help enhance and automate day-to-day administrative tasks. Through these strategic partnerships, employers can access solutions that help them save time, and optimize the benefits selection process for their employees using on-demand educational resources about the benefits offered.

“Administering employee benefits needs to be simple so employers can focus on what they do best — helping their employees,” said Patrick Sullivan, vice president, InsurTech Partnerships, Lincoln Financial Group. “The LincSmart solution makes it easier to understand which benefits management options are available, how they can improve processes and how to engage us for consultation. Our goal is to help our employer partners stay efficient and competitive with automated InsurTech solutions that maximize their valuable time.”

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Working with an expansive suite of technology partners, LincSmart will offer a host of InsurTech solutions to address the unique needs of our employer customers, including:

  • Absence status: Real-time delivery of claim and leave status updates.
  • Evidence of Insurability (EOI) decisions: Instantaneous updates from Lincoln to an employers’ enrollment system, saving valuable time on EOI decisions.
  • Enrollment and member maintenance: Real-time updates made to member eligibility data that helps make the claims process more efficient.
  • Plan design: Automated transfer of plan design information from the Lincoln system into an employers’ enrollment system, reducing manual input and errors.

“Our Workplace Solutions organization is committed to helping drive positive outcomes for employers, employees and their families,” said Sharon Scanlon, senior vice president, Customer Experience, Marketing and Transformation at Lincoln Financial Group. “Not only will our LincSmart solutions help reduce administrative burden for employers, they also help employees further understand their options, allowing them to better protect their finances today and secure their tomorrow.”

LincSmart is just one part of the company’s digital transformation strategy. Lincoln Financial is committed to offering new and innovative products and solutions, and continues to expand and enhance its workplace benefits and retirement savings offerings, helping more and more Americans plan for and achieve the financial future they envision.

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