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Waterdrop Launches the WFind System

Waterdrop Launches the WFind System

Waterdrop Inc., a leading technology platform dedicated to insurance and healthcare service with a positive social impact, recently launched “Waterdrop Family Insurance Needs Diagnosis”, a system designed to help insurance brokers identify customer insurance needs based on information about their family members, income & expenses, and insurance demands.

WFind involves the following six steps:

  1. Analyze details of family income and expenses;
  2. Identify family insurance needs;
  3. Recognize the insufficient coverage of family insurance;
  4. Design insurance solutions for customer;
  5. Compare insurance products from diverse perspectives;
  6. Help customers find the insurance solutions that suit them best.

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WFind is different from the traditional product-oriented sales model in the following five aspects:

  1. More comprehensive services targeted at families
  2. More objective analysis based on demand
  3. Risk-oriented diagnosis from more perspectives
  4. More scientific solutions rooted in financial data
  5. Better-designed product mixes built on the system

With the WFind system, brokers in the Waterdrop can help customers analyze insurance mixes and insufficient insurance coverage, assess customers’ cash deposits, investments, financial leverages and risk tolerance, and give them advice on risk rating, purchase orders, insurance amounts, insurance products, modes of payment, architecture design and supporting services. Through systematic, scientific and data-based analysis of insufficient family insurance coverage, they can tailor family insurance solutions for customers.

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Meanwhile, Waterdrop also launches an insurance product comparison instrument. Covering nearly 2,000 products available in the market, it enables analysis of insurance application rules and product comparison in every dimension to help brokers present solutions professionally, clearly and completely for customers to make well-informed decisions.

Ms. Jia LI, Vice President of Insurance at Waterdrop , said, insurance brokerage is highly demanding profession, and the Company expects to make the work easier and more efficient for brokers by introducing more technologies and help improve the professional quality of brokers across the industry.

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