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Global Fintech Interview with Giorgio Andrews, Chief Executive Officer at Royale Finance

Global Fintech Interview with Giorgio Andrews, Chief Executive Officer at Royale Finance

A mixture of decentralized and centralized processes and solutions are set to reshape the fintech marketplace while also influencing how banks and financial providers will invest in new technologies to adapt to changing user needs. Giorgio Andrews, Chief Executive Officer at Royale Finance shares more in this chat:


Hi Giorgio, we’d love to hear more about the Royale Finance platform…and your recent funding…?

Royale Finance is the first company to reside in iGDeFi, the hybrid industry that uses DeFi tools to power iGaming innovation. Royale Finance does this as a cross-chain DeFi solution that uses liquidity pools to provide funding for iGaming startups, supporting innovation and transparency in a fast-moving, competitive sector.

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Royale Finance recently raised $1.45 million in a funding round led by our contributors: Alphabit Fund, AU21 Capital, Fomocraft Ventures, Kyros Ventures, and Vendetta Capital!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the changing influence and impact of DeFi in today’s fintech marketplace, a few thoughts on how you feel DeFi apps will shape up in the future?

As the Millennials and Gen Zs take over the planet, the DeFi space will become the norm. They are all tech-savvy and those that haven’t made the transition into using these products already, have probably increased their knowledge base with associated products due to stay-at-home orders during the global pandemic. The team at Royale believes the DeFi space will integrate with centralised finance, creating a hybrid you could call “CDeFi.” Royale is already at the forefront of this new hybrid trend and as we develop further within the iGDeFi space, elements of Royale will also cross over into “CDefi”.


As fintech innovations change how finance management and processes are run, what are your thoughts on the future of fintech in the B2C and B2B market, how do you feel fintech innovators should innovate further to meet today’s present day challenges?

Within the fintech innovation space, we already have AISPs and PISPs to aggregate accounts and allow the end user to manage only one account instead of having to enter multiple platforms. TransferWise is a great example of this and has a simplified U.I to go with it which enhances user adoption. When products in the DeFi space can build a U.I and U.X that is extremely simple to use, the transition for the general public will become much easier.

The B2B fintech market has already been disrupted partly by companies like MakerDAO and a number of DeFi protocols that offer similar solutions. This also crosses over into B2C as holders of digital assets and businesses alike use their digital assets as collateral to obtain loans in the form of stablecoins. We believe as the sector matures and digital assets alongside stablecoins are integrated into our daily lives, more participants will enter the B2B decentralised finance sector.

As payment solutions reshape how users, banks, merchants transact today – what do you feel are some of the concerns that businesses and users need to be focusing here?

I believe it’s a necessary transition to a digital world, which is being taken very seriously by big tech and the many startups like ourselves that are focused on integrating digital assets into their ecosystems. On-chain is not only more efficient, but also more secure and more transparent. That said, I believe all companies should seek to achieve a mixture of on-chain and off-chain payment systems. They should basically be taking the best from both, a mixture of decentralised and centralised processes which would, in my opinion, be the sweet spot that is needed to stay relevant as we move into the A.I age.

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A few thoughts on some of the most innovative digital banking / fintech solutions you’ve seen in the market?

That’s a hard question to answer as there are many well-thought-out products at the moment that simplify multistage processes so the end user can experience a simplified U.I. I’d say the automated tools the DeFi space has built over the last couple of years, such as a series of smart contracts that execute transactions and processes programmatically over specified periods of time, are simply mind-blowing.

We’d love to hear about some of Royale Finance’s upcoming plans and innovations?

The main focus right now is to go live with our Web 3.0 App release during Q1. The next steps once live will be to continue improving the App whilst also driving resources into our V2.0, which is focused on living within a cross-chain compatible environment. The innovation around us and the partnerships we have formulated allow us to take some of the best concepts in the space and integrate them into Royale to enhance the circular token ecosystem as well as add iGaming components to create an additional layer of value for our network.

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Before we wrap up, a few biggest learnings and tips you’d like to share with fintech innovators and leaders?

Never give up on your vision of what the future looks like. If the vision is evolving and growing at the speed of light. you’re definitely onto something, but don’t forget to stay agile. Above all, build your global network, listen to what they say and be ready to adapt.

Royal Finance

Royale Finance is a cross-chain DeFi solution that uses liquidity pools to provide funding for iGaming startups using fair algorithms which randomize number generation. This ensures that players cannot be cheated and are a verifiable source of truth, supporting innovation and transparency in the sector. As a double layer of security, these random number generators (RNG) are also certified by an accredited testing lab for quality assurance. Any iGaming startup must be licensed and have its provably fair RNG certified before Royale provides the liquidity. The Royale Finance ecosystem is powered by ROYA, a valueless governance token used as a  coordinating mechanism between DeFi liquidity providers within the Royale Finance stablecoin collateral pool, which disperses loans to iGaming startups. This ‘optimized liquidity’ helps seamlessly power iGaming innovation, and is the first network-driven liquidity approach to bridge DeFi with iGaming. Royale Finance is backed by Fomocraft Ventures, AU21 Capital,  Kyros Ventures, Vendetta Capital, and Alphabit Fund.

Giorgio Andrews is the Co-Founder and CEO of Royale Finance, a cross-chain DeFi solution that uses liquidity pools to provide funding for the iGaming sector, a multi-billion dollar market that includes online casinos, sports betting, poker, prediction markets, lotteries, and more. Royale supports iGaming companies that use provably fair algorithms that are by default verifiable and transparent.

Prior to launching Royale Finance in 2020, Andrews was a Senior Portfolio Manager at Turin Tech, where he managed client relationships for the company’s market making and portfolio management product offering. Giorgio also works with Enumis, where he leads strategic partnerships and technology solutions for the company’s blockchain division.

Before he began his career in technology and finance, Giorgio was a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, where he trained alongside some of the best fighters in the world and retired undefeated with two belts in two different weight divisions. Giorgio is currently based in London.

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