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Linqto Announces Affordable and Accessible Unicorns Investing

Linqto's Global Investor Conference 2020: Reflection, Learning, and Inspiration for 2021

Private Investing Made Simple

LINQTOthe platform for global investor networks of Accredited Investors, announced the launch of a new investing platform for private securities. Equity in Unicorns is now accessible and affordable to all Accredited Investors. Small investors can make private market investments in a simple, quick, and relatively inexpensive way.

Bill Sarris, CEO of Linqto said, “Small Accredited Investors now have the opportunity to participate in the growth and superior returns of private markets, as large institutional investors have done over the past 30 years. Private investing made simple.”

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Of the world’s estimated 45M Accredited Investors, all of whom are legally eligible to invest in private markets, only about 2% are actively invested in the asset class. The remaining 98% of Accredited Investors have no way of accessing and exploiting investment opportunities in private markets. This means that the 98% must wait for unicorns to go public before they can buy the unicorn shares. In so doing, they forego the greater return potential afforded to earlier investors who were able to buy their shares pre-IPO.

Linqto utilizes a technology-enabled platform to address these issues. Transactions can now be completed in a fraction of the time, reducing cost and enabling a more liquid investing environment. The Linqto process reduces three major friction points in private transactions, making the private securities asset class accessible, affordable and more liquid.

1.     Partnering with globaliD, Linqto has created an on-chain digital solution for KYC/AML and Accredited Investor validation.

2.     By using blocks of shares that have been placed in an SPV that is listed on the issuer’s cap table, unit investments in the SPV reduce acceptance periods and provide for future liquidity by enabling the trade of these interests on the Platform.

3.     Documentation is immediate with auto-filled forms and electronic signatures.

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Linqto is a global network that includes over 100,000 Accredited Investors. Many outside of Silicon Valley do not have access to Unicorns or Acorns (startups). Linqto has provided access to the largest global deal flow of Acorns, according to the most recent PitchBook data. Linqto provides the tech platform for Keiretsu Forum.

“European investors have long felt denied the opportunity to invest early into the equity of Silicon Valley unicorns. Today Linqto is changing that by providing access through an easy to use mobile app,” said Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner Fifth Era/Blockchain Coinvestors and Advisor to Linqto.

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