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Linqto Introduces Refreshed Brand Identity and New Feature to Provide True Liquidity in Private Market Investing

Linqto Introduces Refreshed Brand Identity and New Feature to Provide True Liquidity in Private Market Investing

Coupled with its rebrand, Linqto’s industry-first offering enables accredited investors to seamlessly trade private market investments

Linqto, the world’s first financial technology investment platform democratizing access to private markets for accredited investors, takes a bold step forward to revamp its company mission and pioneer true liquidity in the private markets.

Linqto’s two-fold announcement aims to establish a fresh brand identity that aligns with its mission to provide global access to private equity in profitable unicorns before they go public. The rebrand comes on the heels of a recent bill by the House Financial Services Committee that updates the list of accredited investor certifications to democratize access to the private market and ensure more Americans have an opportunity to build personal and generational wealth – a key objective for Linqto.

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In parallel, Linqto’s expanded capabilities enable accredited investors to buy and sell holdings, providing true liquidity to private market investing. Linqto is the first platform to offer market-driven trading of private company units with real-time settlement. Its expanded functionality builds on the strength of its investment platform, which allows accredited investors to invest in the world’s leading unicorns for as little as $5,000.

Historically the private equity asset class has only been accessible to the largest institutional and ultra-high-net-worth investors at extremely prohibitive entry points. Additionally, companies are staying private for longer periods of time, exhibited by the median number of years to IPO increasing from eight in 1980 to 11 in 2021. These factors can lock up value for various stakeholders who might want to monetize their investments without waiting for a liquidity event like an acquisition or IPO, which are becoming increasingly delayed in today’s economic climate.

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“Business has radically transformed since our founding, uniquely positioning Linqto as a go-to resource for all accredited investors, whether they want to diversify their portfolio during times of economic volatility or are passionate about investing in companies offered on the platform,” said Bill Sarris, CEO of Linqto. “Now we’re doubling down on our core mission of helping accredited investors identify the private companies and industries they’re most interested in and providing real-time liquidity as a bonus.”

“The first generation of Linqto’s platform made private equity investing simple and accessible for accredited investors, and we are now entering a new phase which also makes these investments liquid,” said Patty Brewer, Chief Product Officer at Linqto. “The expanded platform allows accredited investors to cost-effectively build and manage their own diversified portfolio of private equity investments. Linqto is demystifying the private markets by providing endless opportunities to achieve financial goals.”

Linqto has achieved $220M in investments across almost 50+ portfolio companies and has a global community of over 150,000 members in 110 countries.

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