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VION Investments Offers Immediate Funding to Companies Affected by SVB and Signature Bank Collapse

VION Investments Offers Immediate Funding to Companies Affected by SVB and Signature Bank Collapse

The collapse of SVB Bank and Signature Bank, the largest such failures since 2008, have sent shockwaves through the financial markets, hitting startups and companies reliant on venture capital hardest. Even though the Bank Term Funding Program hopes to stop the spread of contagion, Wall Street is bracing for broader risks to regional lenders.

In response, VION Investments (VION) has established a fast-track funding program and is waiving fees to assist those affected by the recent crisis—those who need to secure immediate funding for inventory, operations, and development as well as those with stranded accounts receivable portfolios.

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Stacey Schacter, CEO of VION, said, “No one wishes to see a financial crisis of this magnitude and the instability it creates in the economy. Fortunately, VION has expertise working with clients in extremely volatile situations and has the capital and freedom to respond quickly. We’ve established a team specifically dedicated to supporting companies directly affected by the collapse of SVB and Signature Bank.”

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VION Investments, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a specialty finance company focused on receivables purchasing and funding and other innovative financing solutions. VION also provides valuation advisory and other services to businesses managing consumer and commercial receivables.

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