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Web3 Investment Community 3HOUSE Launches in Stealth Mode

Web3 Investment Community 3HOUSE Launches in Stealth Mode

Emerging Web3 investment community, 3HOUSE, has recently launched its official content platform in stealth mode. Also named 3HOUSE, the platform is being built as ‘a home for Web3 investors,’ an exclusive-access space for users to connect and develop techniques to better hone their investment strategies. The platform features a truly comprehensive range of content catered to both short-term traders and long-term value investors, cutting through the noise of public social networks and creating a greater sense of community than faceless financial analyst think tanks.

The decentralized global development team behind 3HOUSE was initially assembled to tackle the challenge of information access disparity and to address the steep barrier to entry for new investors looking to be a part of Web3. The team initially identified these issues as being a result of the rapid pace of development and the sheer volume of content being produced across the spectrum of ‘quality.’ In being industry insiders, the team believes that providing a moderate curation and promotion service for important and timely information as being key to driving further interest and adoption in this industry, especially during market downturns.

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Regarding the stealth mode launch, 3HOUSE Head of Business Development, Dylan O’ Hanrahan said, “After months of active engagement with our growing community, we are pleased to announce that 3HOUSE will be onboarding its first batch of users. This huge milestone has come after a lengthy development period working with Web3 investors from all walks, and will serve as an opportunity to share access to 3HOUSE with even more investors around the world. Our whole team is looking forward to being an active part in the healthy development of this space.”

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Currently available for use as a web app, the 3HOUSE platform is accessible by connecting a wallet and burning one of the project’s native ERC20 governance tokens. Each address is limited to one account with a unique user-chosen username with no pre-reservation. Functionality remains simple with a focus on ensuring each feature adds genuine value to the user experience and supports effective content creation and distribution.

Moving forward, the team has plans to accelerate user onboarding in preparation for increased general attention during upswings. In terms of product development, content posted on 3HOUSE will be saved on-chain, supporting NFT minting and a content marketplace for high-quality creators. Also, the project team will be looking to launch the 3HOUSE DAO, distributing governance and ownership of the project back to the community in order to ensure the focus remains on building something that is a net positive to the industry and helps new investors cut through the noise of traditional information sources.

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