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Capricorn Launches IFO Platform Greenhouse, With Inaugural Offering From Lending Protocol Zenith.finance

Decentralized Exchange Capricorn Launches IFO Platform Greenhouse, With Inaugural Offering From Lending Protocol Zenith.finance

Capricorn, the core DEX protocol built on Cube Network, announced the launch of its new Initial Farm Offering (IFO) platform, Greenhouse. As part of its launch, the platform will host a US$100,000 IFO for Zenith.Finance, the leading lending protocol incubated by Gringotts Labs, at 06:00 (UTC) on July 1. Capricorn users will be able to subscribe from a pool of 500,000 ZNT tokens on the newly launched IFO section of the Capricorn platform. At 0.15 CUBE/ZNT, the offering is valued at US$100,000.

Enabling retail access to Initial Farm Offerings
Enabling retail access to Initial Farm Offerings

Greenhouse is designed to enable retail investors to participate in IFOs. The platform introduces an “Over-allotment Pool” function to meet the investment needs for investors on Capricorn. During an IFO, when the target number of IFO tokens for sale is met, there will still be 20% of the target number tokens offered for sale as “Over-allotment Shares”. After the offering, “Over-allotment Shares” will form an “Over-allotment Pool”, consisting of both tokens raised in the IFO and project tokens. When the price of the project token rises by more than 50% of the fundraising price, users can manually trigger a sell order, and when the price falls by more than 20%, users can manually trigger a buy order.

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The platform is also designed to reward loyal Capricorn users. Simply by pledging CORN tokens, Capricorn users can participate in Greenhouse IFOs and buy tokens of promising projects, maximizing capital efficiency and providing access to new investment opportunities. During the funding period, Capricorn users can buy tokens or withdraw their funds at any time, albeit with certain fees. Start-ups launching IFOs on Greenhouse can benefit from an expedited review process.

Capricorn selects Zenith.Finance for first IFO
Capricorn selects Zenith.Finance for first IFO

Capricorn has selected lending protocol Zenith.Finance for its first IFO on the Greenhouse platform, reflecting a commitment to supporting innovation in the blockchain industry.

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Zenith.Finance is the first lending protocol to be built on Cube Network, and will launch on its mainnet on July 4. It has received hundreds of millions of dollars in liquidity investments from the Cube Eco Foundation. Featuring a fast, low-cost, safe, and simple-to-use lending platform, Zenith.Finance allows every crypto player——from novices to veterans——to earn high-interest yields on their cryptocurrency assets. By providing strong, efficient, and highly-scalable markets, Zenith.Finance will improve Cube Network’s capital efficiency and user engagement, enabling it to realize its full potential.

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