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Comdata Launches Virtual Comchek, a One-Time Use Digital Payment Card for Fleets and Drivers

Comdata Launches Virtual Comchek, a One-Time Use Digital Payment Card for Fleets and Drivers

Mobile payment solution offers convenience for drivers to pay for services while on the road

Comdata Inc., a FLEETCOR company and world leader in payment innovation, unveiled Virtual Comchek, a digital payment solution that offers fleets a new way to enable their drivers to make on-demand payments. This new solution is part of Comdata’s growing suite of digital payment products that allows drivers to focus on the road ahead.

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The Virtual Comchek is the next step in the digital evolution of the legacy paper Comchek, first launched in 1972 as an easy way for drivers to make on-demand payments on behalf of the fleet. With Virtual Comchek, instead of using a paper Comchek “draft” to facilitate payment, fleets will send an instant digital payment card that drivers can access on their mobile phone. The Virtual Comchek is accepted by over 100,000 merchants nationwide for on-demand expenses like vehicle repair, roadside assistance, vehicle parts, wholesale equipment, and warehouse expenses.

“Even though our paper Comchek product has been a staple of the industry for almost 50 years, we challenged ourselves to digitize the experience while bringing our customers lower operational costs, more security and convenience,” said Justin King, Senior Vice President of Product and Innovation, Comdata. “The Virtual Comchek was created to take those benefits a step further for our customers, giving both drivers and fleets greater control, visibility, and access to funds when it’s needed most.”

Driven by a need for more mobile payment solutions and digital transformation priorities within the transportation industry, the Comdata Virtual Comchek offers maximum flexibility and accessibility of funds for operators. “COVID-19 is a big concern of drivers and suppliers right now, and Virtual Comchek also allows drivers to reduce the need to exchange physical checks and documents with suppliers for peace of mind,” added King.

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