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Trustology Rolls Out Credentials Wallet for Crypto Funds to Manage On-Exchange Risks

Trustology Lets Institutions Tap DeFi Innovation From the Security of a Custodial Firewall

Exchange Credentials Wallet will safeguard exchange account credentials across all decentralized and centralized exchanges

Leading custodial wallet specialist Trustology has today announced a new solution for traders and crypto funds: an Exchange Credentials Wallet. This all-in-one solution, now available in Trustology’s TrustVault platform, provides advanced controls for managing on-exchange assets to help meet emerging investor and regulatory demands on Funds who are expected to secure assets both on-chain, as well as on-exchange.

Funds tend to have a lot of liquidity sitting on exchanges rather than on-chain, off-exchange. This is where an exchange credentials wallet is important.

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Custom-built by technical experts in cryptography, finance, and security, Trustology’s Exchange Credentials Wallet provides advanced controls across API and TOTP secret keys to build trust with investors, evidence compliance, reduce operating risks and conveniently manage asset transfers across exchange and custody accounts.

By safekeeping keys and managing transfer of funds in real time with an Exchange Credentials Wallet operated by Trustology, an independent custodian wallet provider, Investment Managers gain 24×7 lightning-fast abilities to enforce audited multisig and address whitelisting controls, thereby demonstrating to investors and regulators mitigation of holding and fiduciary risks.

Trustology removes the need for Funds to log in to multiple exchanges in order to transfer funds, whilst being liable for the safekeeping of a multitude of account passwords and secrets. Fund Managers are now able to log in to the TrustVault web app and transfer funds between approved exchange, custody or counterparty addresses (“walled garden”), all through a single pane of glass console. Whilst Trustology safeguards withdrawal-permission keys, fund managers are able to trade via trade-permission keys. Read-permission keys can also be made available to fund administrators and accountants.

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“Crypto institutionalisation has arrived. Regulators, such as Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission who last year published the Virtual Asset Guidelines, have made it clear that investment managers must safeguard assets on-chains and on-exchanges.

“Investors going forward will allocate significant assets to managers who can demonstrate not just superior returns, but exceptional execution, risk management, and cost-control. We built our institutional-grade, insured, TrustVault platform with these expectations in mind and because it is fully automated, we can offer anytime instant transfers at an incredible value to our clients,” said Alex Batlin, Trustology’s founder and CEO.

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