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Airbase unveils its Definitive Guide to Spend Management

Airbase unveils its Definitive Guide to Spend Management

Powered by leading spend management platform Airbase, the guide provides a detailed analysis of the growing need for spend management solutions.

Airbase, provider of the leading spend management platform, announced the availability of their Definitive Guide to Spend Management, a carefully crafted online manuscript and modeling workbench that explores the emerging need for companies to utilize this important innovation in finance and accounting.

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The guide, which has been composed by Airbase, provides a deep dive into the subject of spend management and the benefits associated with it, which represents a radical departure from the status quo of how small to midsize businesses spend money.

Spend management capabilities have been available for large companies with complex organizations via heavy-duty enterprise-level systems for awhile. Their expense, and need for ongoing commitment of technical resources, however, make them a bad fit for many companies. Recently, a few easy-to-use, comprehensive platform solutions have become available for small to midsize companies. These solutions are straightforward to implement and designed with the right level of complexity to meet the needs of these businesses.

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The various problems that spend management solves are recognized as ones that need addressing. When polled about their top priorities for 2021 in Airbase’s first annual benchmark survey, 745 finance and accounting professionals ranked improving their teams’ systems and processes as a top priority. The combination of improving finance operations and automating accounting tasks is a priority for 41% of our survey respondents.

The Definitive Guide to Spend Management breaks down the functionality of spend management, it’s necessity in the modern workplace, how to evaluate spend management solution vendors, and the ROI associated with implementing a spend management system.

Airbase Founder and CEO Thejo Kote was motivated to solve the problems associated with company spending when he experienced those problems first hand. “I started Airbase as a response to something I saw too much of while running my first company: well-educated, truly intelligent people sacrificing huge amounts of their time doing low-value work,” said Kote.

“My talented finance team got bogged down in the chaos of approvals, time-consuming expense management, and repetitive manual bookkeeping tasks. Spend management is a different way of thinking about spending company money. It frees up time from manual tasks and provides the tools for finance and accounting professionals to contribute insights, analysis, and strategic thinking; in short, making them more valuable to their companies.

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