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APT Systems Launches Spot of Gold Campaign With AUREX Trading

APT Systems Launches Spot of Gold Campaign With AUREX Trading

APT Systems, Inc, a fintech company, introduces ‘Spot of Gold’ created by its subsidiary, AUREX Trading and Recovery Inc.  In an effort to create awareness of our gold recovery and environmental efforts, we launched an Indiegogo campaign .  A Spot of Gold is one-tenth of an ounce of pure .999 recovered gold, being a little smaller than a dime and buying one directly helps us keep eWaste out of our landfills.

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AUREX Trading enjoyed the first real operational revenues in the second half of 2019 and landed on its road to build future profits in 2020.  One key element identified in our growth plan is to secure more capital to buy and refine larger quantities of eWaste and further, to expand upon in-roads made into the precious metal recovery business.  We continue to engage with enterprise clients and advise on how we can supply and apply eco-gold for stunning high-end retail products, employing techniques similar to those used by the ancient Egyptians for encasing items with gold.

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CEO of APT Systems, Glenda Dowie, said, “First, I would like thank everyone for your continued patience with, and your confidence in our commitment to APT Systems and its operational goals. I would also like to acknowledge that 2019 had been a tough year for the business with the effects being mainly felt by our shareholders. We are confident that the capital we need for the eWaste business can be provided by one of various ways that we have identified, and are actively exploring. We have also been working hard on the software side of operations and have narrowed down a potential partner, and continue to negotiate considerations.”

We remain fully committed to the success of the Company and are very encouraged by the discussions we are having with our industry partners and clients.  We will continue to work diligently to build the business that was envisioned when this journey started, and hope that you will remain supportive and stay with us on this road.

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