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BondIT Offers Remote Features to Support Portfolio Managers and Financial Advisors Working From Home

BondIT Offers Remote Features to Support Portfolio Managers and Financial Advisors Working From Home

BondIT, an independent portfolio construction technology provider for fixed income, announced the ramping up of its remote working features to support portfolio managers and financial advisors working from home. The BondIT team of 30 engineers are engaged and ready to consult and to support any financial institution or advisory firm looking to streamline its fixed income portfolio construction and proposal technology’s remote capabilities.

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COVID-19’s nationwide lockdowns have forced countless portfolio managers and financial advisors to work remotely – many for the first time – stretching the limits of fintech into a new, remote light. Portfolio managers’ portfolio construction and optimization technology are primarily from legacy providers that lack the agility to adapt to this new working environment. At the same time, financial advisors face a period of heightening client communications that require an ability to display proposed fixed income portfolios to clients virtually.

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To support these portfolio managers and financial advisors during this turbulent time, BondIT is offering free consultations and trial period of its scalable portfolio construction platform. With BondIT, users remote working can:

  • Assign and share investment portfolios across their businesses in any geography, enabling them to collaborate on ideas together and to re-route work, based on resource availability
  • Utilize intelligent algorithms to automate a manager’s process to rebalance or optimize portfolios, based on market changes, without the need for manual user inputs
  • Configure the BondIT system to run or adjust portfolios automatically based on manager-defined events or at set times throughout the day, creating an automated workflow that can review and optimize portfolios in step with the needs of managers and investors alike
  • Produce controlled client proposals and reports

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