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Botkeeper Is Making Bookkeeping More Accessible to Its Clients and Partners With the Newly Launched “Botkeeper CPA Love” Plan

Botkeeper Is Making Bookkeeping More Accessible to Its Clients and Partners With the Newly Launched "Botkeeper CPA Love" Plan

Automated bookkeeping leader, Botkeeper, announced Monday that in an effort to help CPA firms fight the economic impact of COVID-19,  it will be offering 2 months of free bookkeeping services.  Named the “Botkeeper CPA Love” initiative, new clients signing on for standard Botkeeper agreements, along with any renewals, are eligible for an additional 2 months of service, completely free of charge, or 14 months of bookkeeping service for the price of 12.

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With the launch of the “Botkeeper CPA Love” plan, the company noted the importance of making “virtual bookkeeping” more accessible during these trying times during this era of uncertainty in saying “The Covid19 crisis has already taken a toll; Botkeeper intends to partner with CPA firms to drive more efficiencies for their clients in a time of uncertainty.  We are privileged with our scale and technology to be able to provide CPA firms with a vitally needed enhancement during this era,” said President and Chief Revenue Officer of Botkeeper Chris Mahl. “Our CPA Partners are innovators, and we are committed to making them evermore stronger, doing all we can to support them. We are working across our different teams to provide technology, insights, services, and best practices for CPA firms in scaling efficiently and rapidly utilizing botkeeper.”

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Piloting technology to help CPA firms scale even faster- drive more client acquisitions.

“While more and more professionals are working from home and quarantining with their families, they will be relying on their trusted financial partners and advisors even more than they did pre-COVID 19,” said Vice President of Marketing at Botkeeper, Jessica King. “Botkeeper and our amazing Accounting Partners can offer up our resources to provide better financial value, a little more certainty during uncertain times, and more peace of mind for the future of businesses, when the leadership teams need it most.” As part of the new initiative, Botkeeper is teaming up with key CPA firms in their Partner Ecosystem, combining forces and bringing bundled solutions to provide COVID-19 solution sets to their mutual client bases to help them navigate the new business landscape.

“One of our biggest initiatives for 2020 has been the planning and release of a new and improved CPA Partner experience with Botkeeper,” said Byron Patrick, Vice President of Growth, and Success. “With our upcoming release, Botkeeper is going to enable CPAs to promote and accelerate their bookkeeping client acquisition, at unprecedented rates, allowing them to onboard new clients onto their service, and ultimately, remove traditional barriers to scaling your firm”.

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