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CardFlight Rolls Out Timely Enhancements for SwipeSimple

CardFlight Rolls Out Timely Enhancements for SwipeSimple

New features add to SwipeSimple’s robust line-up of offerings to support contactless, card-not present and e-commerce payments.

CardFlight, the leading SaaS payment technology company, announced the addition of several new features to its signature payments solution, SwipeSimple. With these new offerings, SwipeSimple provides merchants with even more ways to accept payments from their computers. These features expand the contactless and card not present payment options that make it easier for merchants to navigate social distancing regulations.

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“Our team is committed to empowering small businesses through our easy to use, secure payments software,” said Derek Webster, CEO and Founder of CardFlight, “and we’re constantly asking ourselves how we can continue to provide our merchants with the best solution to meet their evolving needs.” He continued, “These past few months have presented small business owners with an unprecedented set of challenges, and we’ve heard from merchants that the flexibility and security that SwipeSimple offers have helped them weather the storm. These new features within SwipeSimple make it easier than ever for merchants to accept low- and no-contact payments as they run their business.”

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With the rollout of these enhancements, merchants can easily create online Payment Links and send Invoices via SMS text, furthering their ability to accept payments from their computer when their customer isn’t physically present. The Payment Links feature allows merchants to create a customized, shareable link that can be embedded into digital formats. Payment Links are easy to configure and manage within SwipeSimple and empower merchants to promote their business and take payments online through social media sites, newsletters, and their own websites.

When using SwipeSimple from a computer, small business owners have been able to create and send invoices to individual customers for specific transactions. With these new enhancements, merchants can now send Invoices directly to customers via SMS text, in addition to the existing Invoices via email feature, offering a new way to conduct secure, card not present transactions. Both features are now automatically available to merchants when using SwipeSimple at a computer.

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