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Clario Launches To Fight Cybercrime

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The wait is over. Clario Tech Ltd announces that its hotly anticipated personal digital security and privacy application is available for immediate download on MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

Clario offers a bold new approach to the mounting $6 trillion cybercrime crisis. Its personalized and vibrant intuitive user experience transforms security software from complex into a jargon-free, simplified and rewarding experience.

Users have unique 24/7 access to a 600+ on-demand tech experts that can be accessed in one click in-app for advice and immediate support. Clario’s experts can help users with issues such as COVID cyber scams, changing voice assistant or smart device privacy settings, removing malicious software, advice for online account breaches or ransomware attacks.

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Clario is more than software – it provides complete online peace of mind.

“Starting today, consumers have a better choice than the intimidating and complicated security software that has been traditionally available,” said Clario CEO Alun Baker. “Clario doesn’t compromise on capabilities, but it simplifies people’s digital privacy and security, even for those getting online for the very first time. We’ve fused human support with personalized, cutting-edge software. Now, anyone can have peace of mind and protect their data. This day will be remembered as a turning point in the fight against cybercrime.”

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