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CompoSecure Awarded Patent for Innovative Dual-Interface Metal Cards


CompoSecure, L.L.C. (“CompoSecure”), a pioneer and category leader in premium financial cards, today announced the company was awarded two U.S. Patents (No. 10762412B2 & 10318859B2), which recognizes CompoSecure’s innovation in metal card dual-interface technology, offering an expanded range of design and manufacturing capabilities in card constructions.

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“Applying dual-interface technology to metal cards is difficult, and these patents further secure our competitive edge through unique technological offerings,” said Adam Lowe, Chief Innovation Officer of CompoSecure. “The patented card constructions allow us to continue to provide our high level of creativity in card design, while providing a strong RF signal to ensure reliable communication with card readers.”

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There are challenges with developing dual-interface metal cards to ensure the metal components do not interfere with the signal sent to card readers. The primary objective is to design the card so that electrical components do not contact the metal layers. The methods outlined in these two patents address these challenges without limiting design production capabilities and still meeting required ISO standards.

The CompoSecure patented technology resolves these issues by allowing the metal structure of the card itself to act like an antenna or amplifier, streamlining the design components and ensuring a strong signal from the card’s EMV chip to the card reader, all in a card design that has a uniquely flex-resistant structure. This construction expands the card issuer’s ability to include robust design elements and textures to differentiate the look and feel of the metal card.

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