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DeepTarget Releases Critical Communications Outreach Capabilities for Community Financial Institutions

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DeepTarget, a solution provider that utilizes data mining and business intelligence in order to deliver targeted communications across digital channels for banks and credit unions, announced the availability of a Critical Community Outreach Quick Start Package for banks and credit unions, designed to empower these financial institutions to serve as a trusted information and support hub to their communities during unsettling times.

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Financial institutions must be able to rapidly facilitate important communications through digital banking to account holders. This package, available at no-cost to customers, consists of pre-designed and pre-packaged campaigns for online banking, mobile banking and the web. It helps financial institutions mobilize quickly with beneficial, valuable and practical information that account holders will use and depend on. This is not designed to cross-sell or promote products, but use a trusted relationship to provide useful information in this time of uncertainty.

“As individuals, families, colleagues and communities, we are facing an unprecedented situation of fear and uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jill Homan, President of DeepTarget. “We each have the responsibility to creatively use our energy, resources, and brainpower to offer assistance and meaningful contributions to the needed support system. As financial Institutions are emerging as one of a trio of critical resources with increased need, consumers will rely more heavily on digital banking. Financial institutions are a trusted and primary service provider to their account holders, and in such times they can and should serve as a hub of valuable information to their members/customers.”

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“We are excited to hear about this offering,” said Jessica Gwizdala, Director of Marketing and Training, United Financial Credit Union. “As our members respond to the unprecedented events associated with the coronavirus pandemic, we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost. With the support of this solution we can efficiently and effectively reach our members to provide guidance and serve as a trusted resource in this time of need.”

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