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The Digital Assets Protection Service DGLegacy Launches the First Password Manager with Digital Inheritance


The digital and financial assets protection service DGLegacy extends its digital inheritance service with a password manager, aiming to tackle the global problem of abandoned bank accounts, insurance policies, online trading accounts, cryptocurrency, and digital wallets.

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The primary reason for the problem is that in the case of an unforeseen event happening to users, their family members are often not aware of their current assets or don’t know how to identify and locate them. As a result, users’ assets remain unclaimed in insurance companies, banks, cryptocurrency wallets, and asset management companies after their owners pass away, instead of reaching the rightful beneficiaries.

Most of the currently existing password managers and online secure vaults tackle the problem by tracking and organizing passwords and digital assets for their users, but sharing with family members carries the risk of the access details being forgotten or lost over time.

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DGLegacy’s digital inheritance service ensures that in the case of an unforeseen event happening to the user, people designated as beneficiaries will be proactively informed about the user’s assets and will be able to identify and locate them.

The primary enabler of the digital inheritance technology of DGLegacy is the ability to detect unforeseen events, either through email and phone verification or through integration with frequently used social networks, where it detects activity.

This enables users to not only organize and manage their passwords and digital and financial assets but also ensure that their family members will be able to identify and locate them if anything happens to them.

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