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Europe is Gearing Up for the Blockchain Revolution. Altcoins on the Rise

Europe is Gearing Up for the Blockchain Revolution. Altcoins on the rise

Crowdfunding changes its face every day. Now TecraCoin provides better benefits for investors. Not only one can keep track of funds, but also profit from the success of projects. Coffe mug + company income.

Ever since the arrival of Bitcoin, the world has seen a new method to achieve financial security and live in a better and connected world. The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry with its untapped and unexplored potential still has a lot of room left for improvements and new innovations. Ever since the world has accepted blockchain as a credible source of financial transactions and exchange, several countries in Europe have shown a great interest in including cryptocurrency into the formal financial system while considering the legal aspects of its implementation.

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TecraCoin is an altcoin based on Bitcoin. For the past couple of weeks it has been growing on the exchange. It’s one of only a few Proof of Work cryptocurrencies with real products. Apart from patented projects, such as a graphene light bulb, the start-up is developing a blockchain-based platform for new-age and entrusted crowdfunding solutions – Tecra Space. The project is co-financed by European Union

Introducing Tecra Space for Smart Investments
An initiative funded by the European government, Tecra, is an advanced and next-gen cryptocurrency platform built to create better investment ways and means for the investors. A new addition to the platform is the tokenization system within the Tecra Space.

The main role of Tecra Space is to provide a systematic framework for investment, fund raising, and intellectual property rights made possible with their own blockchain system. It is a solution design for innovators and investors helping them bridge the gap.

With Tecra Space, the innovators will get access to a safe and secure platform to raise funds smoothly. For investors, Tecra Space provides easy to understand and expert-reviewed project specifications that help them invest in the right project. This is done to increase the project’s ultimate value and success.

Tecra Space is a part of The Smart Growth Grant by the EU
Recognizing the benefits of introducing new technologies into the financial ecosystem of the countries, the EU has a flagship initiative, the Smart Growth Operational Programme, aimed at providing R&D and enhancing business expenditure towards the procreation and scaling of innovation-led projects.

The fact that Tecra is a beneficiary under the program proves the project’s usability and ability to serve the interests of the masses while ensuring financial security and assurance of safe transactions between the parties.

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From Application to Smart Contract Execution
Those who wish to submit a project to the website need to fill in an application on the website and wait to be selected for listing on the platform. After listing, the projects are open for investment. The investors can buy the tokens of the project – Space Tokens bought exclusively with TecraCoin (cryptocurrency enlisted on Hotbit exchange; you can also buy it on Tecra’s page via a secure gateway). There is no limit on investing as the investments begin from 1 TCR.

Tecra Space provides the requisite information about the project including the estimated potential to grow and the ability to gather returns. The investors can also observe the project’s progress and the returns of investment come in tranches after a project has reached preset milestones – as well as halt the tranches if the milestones are not being achieved.

All the terms and conditions are executed by unforgeable smart contracts. With this system, Tecra is giving the scientists and innovators an easy way to raise funds with crowdfunding, get patent security as well as lower fees, and prompt repayments after profits are earned from the project’s implementation.

Tecra Blockchain | Offering Advanced Solutions to Everyone
One of the reasons why Tecra has won the trust of European Union is its dedicated blockchain that is being constantly improved. The latest advancement in the distributed ledger system is the modified version of zCoin fork. With the new blockchain, the users will get the safety and a guarantee to benefit from smooth transactions.

Moreover, Tecra has created a new blockchain as a response to the upcoming challenges of the dynamic nature of the digital economy. The Tecra Blockchain 2.0 is a better and highly advanced version of the existing blockchain. The updated blockchain will have the option to automatically generate smart contracts allowing the community to create and execute smart contracts with speed, efficiency, and lower fees. The updated version of the blockchain uses an enhanced version of dPoW protocol which ensures that the blocks remain unchanged and work with high security.

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