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FinFit Announces Extended Support for Employees During COVID-19

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FinFit, a leader in financial wellness technology, and its financial partner, Celtic Bank, Member FDIC, are working together to provide support for any employees impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). FinFit and Celtic Bank stand ready to support employees and ensure their continued financial stability during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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“Financial stress is heightened now more than ever, and we know how important it is for organizations and their employees to have access to the financial wellness resources and services FinFit offers. In February, FinFit made its early wage access service free to all employees. Crisis or not, we don’t feel employees should pay to access the money they’ve already earned. But this is of little help if employees are not receiving a paycheck,” said David Kilby, president of FinFit.

The company will also maintain free, unlimited access to FinFit’s financial wellness educational resources, one-on-one financial coaching, budget calculators, online money management tools and personal financial assessments for all FinFit members, regardless of their employment status. Should employees experience temporary layoffs, company shutdowns or worse, FinFit will stand by them offering access to all financial wellness resources.

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FinFit’s financial wellness platform is mobile-first, 100% digital and available 24/7. As recommendations and mandates for quarantine evolve, the FinFit platform and resources are accessible from any location. We have taken the necessary steps to protect businesses and their employees. FinFit’s customer support and account management teams have mobilized to remote work environments so there will be no disruption when clients and employees need to reach out to the team for support.

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