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Fintech Select Provides Corporate Update

Fintech Select Provides Corporate Update

Fintech Select Ltd. is pleased to update shareholders on its focused efforts to add digital and financial payment solutions that complement its existing portfolio. The idea is to target solutions that can both have a positive impact on its leading role in the financial payment solutions sector as well as to expand the Company’s footprint globally to better pursue international opportunities.

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To begin, the Company is pleased with its progress integrating an acquired online platform that was previously announced. The Company expects that this integration will soon allow clients to register online or through a mobile app to create their own e-wallet. Functionalities include loading different currencies (including crypto) and transferring funds to other clients on both an intra or cross-platform basis. The Company is also positive about progress on its closed-loop card system for its partner in Libya, Raseed. The Company is particularly optimistic that this partnership will open doors to scaling its closed-loop card solution globally for other opportunities where open-loop solutions are unavailable. The Company is actively pursuing a number of opportunities to this end and will be pleased to report upon any material developments.

One of the primary objectives in the Company’s focus on integrating an array of complementary solutions is cross-fertilization. For instance, as the Company grows its cu

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As the Company looks to increase its scale to better pursue the above opportunities, management and the board are also actively reviewing strategic opportunities to fund such growth (whether internally or externally) and will also report on upon material any development.

“As a company, we are committed and excited to play a leading role in the financial payment solutions sector by integrating our payment services portfolio that strengthens our representation and allows us to penetrate local and global markets,” stated Mr. Mohammad Abuleil, Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

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