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FundApps Launches Sensitive Industries Service and Celebrates Legal Collaboration With aosphere

FundApps Launches Sensitive Industries Service and Celebrates Legal Collaboration With aosphere

Regulatory Technology (RegTech) provider FundApps kicks off 2020 with the launch of its Sensitive Industries service, integrating content from legal information provider aosphere with insight from clients and GICS mappings.

FundApps’ Sensitive Industries is the first managed service available to compliance teams in financial institutions to code sector specific rules. It offers a solution to the manual or outdated methods used to monitor ever-changing global regulation and additional disclosure thresholds in industries which have special significance. Each one of all major 50 jurisdictions covered by the service considers different industries to be “sensitive” and has different regulations governing how closely private interests in those industries are monitored. FundApps automates the monitoring of pre-approval, post-notification, hard stop and issuer-specific limits in this area of regulation.

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2020 also marks a significant milestone in regulatory rules coverage and is the 8th anniversary of close collaboration with aosphere. Since 2012 FundApps has licensed the legal information within the Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure service provided by aosphere. A wholly-owned affiliate of international legal practice Allen & Overy LLP, aosphere has been featured by the FT Innovative Lawyers Report eight times.

Licensing detailed legal content from Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure enables FundApps to offer rules sets in 95+ jurisdictions covering substantial shareholding, short selling, sensitive industries, takeovers, and issuer requests. This results in over 400 separate regulatory rule calculations which are part of FundApps’ Shareholding Disclosure.

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“Through our licensing arrangement with FundApps we are able to contribute to an end-to-end solution for clients who are looking to automate their Shareholding Disclosure requirements,” said Marc-Henri Chamay, CEO at aosphere.

Andrew White, CEO and founder of FundApps, stated: “As the best CaaS provider in the market, we have a mission to provide an environment where the relationship with industry partners and clients is one of transparency and collaboration to allow the industry as a whole to benefit from the wisdom gained.” He continued: “Working together to forge new relationships with industry partners, as we have done with aosphere, is key as it allows us to offer an elaborate rules engine to our clients, allowing them to stay ahead of regulatory change.”

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