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GammaRey Names Kimberly Nasief to Board of Directors

GammaRey Names Kimberly Nasief to Board of Directors

GammaRey (the “Company”), a global fintech company disrupting the remittance industry by revolutionizing the traditional banking structures through the implementation of blockchain technologies, has appointed Kimberly Nasief, business intelligence strategist, to its Board of Directors.

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Kimberly has 20 years of experience in leading and growing businesses. She has designed deeply complex programs that facilitate the gathering of customer and business intelligence in the field for enterprise companies. With the arrival of the pandemic, Kimberly realized that delivering excellence in customer service was no longer the number one priority for companies. Understanding that the new imperative was based around trust, she and her expert partners quickly certified and deployed a global mobile workforce of 5 million experts to conduct third-party verification to ensure that businesses are acting in accordance with COVID-19 protocol. Clients also use this technology to conduct their own first party audits worldwide.

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“As we look to the future of global fintech, we see an ever-growing market in which GammaRey is well-positioned to provide value to its customers and stakeholders. As such, I am excited to apply my skill set to enhance the growth of GammaRey across the globe,” commented Kimberly Nasief. “As globalization is becoming more relevant, I know that together we can create the ultimate ecosystem of the new world digital economy.”

“We are pleased to welcome Kimberly to our Board of Directors. Her experience in building strategic programs for consumer preferences will be a great asset to the Company and to our business strategy,” commented GammaRey Chief Executive Officer, Mark Carter. “We look forward to her program contributions that will benefit GammaRey in the short- and long-term. Together, we will create lasting value for our customers and stakeholders.”

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