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Genesys Technologies And MagTek, Inc. Partner To Create A Custom Payment Solution For Unattended Laundromats And Car Washes

MagTek Launches the DynaFlex Platform, Delivering a Range of Payment Acceptance Capabilities in a Small Footprint for Mobile, Countertop, and Kiosk Deployments

MagTek, the world’s leading supplier of secure payment technology, and Genesys Technologies, a leader in unattended payments for the self-service cleaning industry, launches CryptoTap, a contactless, wireless, payment technology that combines tickets and accepts NFC payments from cards, most mobile wallets, and wearables.

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Adding a digital contactless payment method to self-service laundromats and car washes speeds the payment process, limits points of touch, and provides a different payment method given the current coin shortage and aversion of use. CryptoTap is a full-service payment solution with easy-to-install hardware, simple to use software, and costs less than competitive payment solutions.

CryptoTap, offered by Genesys, integrates MagTek’s DynaWave, a contactless/NFC module with MagneSafe® Technology, to deliver layered security where data is encrypted and cardholder information is protected. This gives proprietors a worry-free way to move from physical tokens, cash, and coins to a more secure way of easily accepting credit cards and payments from mobile devices.

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The solution is wireless, so there is no need for cumbersome and expensive hardwiring. The MyCryptoPay administration application is cloud-based, so there is no need for expensive IT maintenance or software. The card and device readers are backed by MagTek, an industry leader in the payments world.

“We build our solutions to be as easy to install and use as possible, so it makes sense to partner with MagTek,” said Dave Richards, Vice President of Genesys Technologies. “Working with the MagTek team has helped us hit the market at the right time. We are in the self-service cleaning industry during a pandemic and coin-shortage. It’s good to know we can deliver a contactless solution everyone is looking for, at a really reasonable price, and at a critical time.”

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