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Global Bank’s President Ron Nechemia Offers Humanitarian and Developmental Assistance to Lebanon in Response to the Deadly Explosion

Global Bank's President Ron Nechemia Offers Humanitarian and Developmental Assistance to Lebanon in Response to the Deadly Explosion

Global Bank Group has offered humanitarian and development assistance to Lebanon following the massive August 4 explosion that rocked its capital, Beirut, and killed more than 220 people, injured more than 7,000, and left an estimated 300,000 homeless. The Global Bank’s regional office for the Middle East and North Africa Region is working with partners, including Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab, to respond to the “urgent needs of Lebanon” following the “devastating explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday, August 4, 2020,” said Ron Nechemia, President of the Global Bank Group, in a statement today.

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“The Global Bank Group extends our deepest condolences to the people of Lebanon and the families and victims of the blast that rocked Beirut and we stand ready to offer all possible assistance as they recover from this tragedy,” said Nechemia.

Lebanon has faced important challenges impeding its economic and human development,” Nechemia adds.  “Lebanon needs the full support and solidarity of the Global Bank Group and other members of the international community at this crucial juncture, as the disaster continues to inflict horrendous suffering and threatens to wipe out decades of hard-earned development gains.”

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The immediate objective of the Global Bank Group is to support the development and strengthening of the Lebanese economy as part of a comprehensive plan for reform, infrastructure investments, and investment in disaster risk reduction for resilience.

The Global Bank Group has taken note of the urgent need for the Lebanese authorities to respond to the aspirations of the Lebanese people by implementing meaningful economic reforms — notably the commitments made in the framework of the CEDRE Conference, as well as the International Support Group for Lebanon meeting held in Paris on the 11th of December 2019. The Global Bank Group also recognizes the additional challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic on the Lebanese economy. It commends the preventive measures taken jointly with the Government of Lebanon in that regard.

The Global Bank Group’s Country Partnership with the Republic of Lebanon is focused on scaling up access and quality of service delivery and expanding economic opportunities to all. Through these two focus areas, the Global Bank Group will help Lebanon mitigate the economic and social impact of the Syria crisis, safeguard the country’s development gains, and enhance stability and development prospects in the coming years. The Country Partnership will contribute to strengthening the relationship between the state and its citizens, a critical ingredient for peace and stability.

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