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Global Payout Changes Name to Global Trac Solutions, Inc.

Global Payout Changes Name to Global Trac Solutions, Inc.

Global Payout Inc.  is pleased to announce that, as part of a larger effort to restructure and diversify the Company, the name has been changed to Global Trac Solutions, Inc.

“Over the course of the past year, Global’s team has been recognized for their ability to effectively structure sales and marketing for emerging technologies. As a result, we began to recognize the need for our service capabilities across multiple sectors,” said Global Trac Solutions CEO, Vanessa Luna. “Part of this endeavor resulted in the binding MOU for World Innovation Technologies, and the expansion of MTrac into a full-fledged marketplace for financial services, lead generation, sales, and marketing. My goal has always been to diversify and identify underserved industries. This new name is a representation of our future direction to have a stake in several recognizably up-and-coming technology companies. This year Global will see many changes both internally and externally as we look to expand our horizons and gather stakeholders in new vertical markets. We truly are the right TRAC to follow.”

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We intend to file for a ticker symbol change in the coming weeks to solidify a new era for our Global Trac Solutions shareholders.

Global Trac Solutions is a diversified holding company, dedicated to identifying new and emerging technologies specific to a variety of industry verticals ranging from Branding and Marketing, Fintech, Business Development, Sales and Distribution, High-Risk, Nutraceuticals, and more. We focus and leverage our teams diverse experience in effectively executing go-to-market strategies, for strategic development in positioning the companies we engage with, for rapid growth, and a structure to enhance profitability potential. We believe in a forward-thinking approach that embraces groundbreaking new technology and innovations while providing them with an infrastructure and vision necessary for them to evolve into the industry leaders of the future. We truly are the right TRAC to follow

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