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HK Virtual Bank Mox Captures $5.1 Billion In Deposits In First Five Months

HK Virtual Bank Mox Captures $5.1 Billion In Deposits In First Five Months

It’s been about five months since Mox was officially launched and we try to make every day count for each and every one of you.

Whether its HK$100 or HK$2million, every customer gets to grow their money, in their own way. The days when banks serve you based on how much you have are gone.

Here’s some information on the progress we’ve made, for ourselves and our customers. (The below numbers are dated as of 5 February 2021 unless specified otherwise)
Who are Gen Mox?

More than 1% of Hong Kong’s population, or more than 80,000 customers. That’s how many customers signed up with Mox in just five months.
Generation Mox (Mox customers) is as young as 18, and as old as over 90. It’s not age or digital savviness, it is a mindset for more possibilities. We believe banking should be simple, intuitive and delightful.
More than 16,000 merchants around the world have processed transactions with Mox, and over 1.5 million transactions (as of 22 February 2021) have been made with Mox Card.
It’s virtual so you can do it at your convenience. More than 55% of Mox accounts were opened outside traditional bank hours.

Smarter Way to Save

If you want to start a savings habit, Mox is your best partner. We’re the only virtual bank in Hong Kong that enables you to instantly create and personalise sub-accounts called Savings Goals, naming them as you like. Savings calculator help you calculate how long and how much you need to regularly save, to achieve your Goals. And the daily interest you’ll earn will add up, and help you achieve your goals even faster.

We’ve truly gained your trust. At the end of October last year, we had deposits of HK$ 2.6 billion, but by end of December 2020, we’ve grown to HK$ 5.1 billion. Total deposits by Mox customers have almost doubled in just two months!
Generation Mox aspires to save a collective Goals target of HK$660 billion.
The top five most common goals of Generation Mox: Savings, Travel, Insurance, Electronic gadgets and Tax.

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Smarter Way to Spend

Getting cashback in real cash right back into your account, when you spend. It’s so simple, yet such a smart way to spend and transact.

Mox’s most popular day was December 14th 2020. We handled 30,000 transactions on that day alone.
From September 2020 to January 2021, Mox gave back HK$2,000,000 cashback each month, giving you the opportunity to earn daily interest from these rebates.
You’ve used Mox for the most common everyday spending needs, mostly on Food & Drinks, Groceries and Electronics.
1 out of every 3 transactions were spent on Mox’s Founding Merchants, who number more than 30 now. The list of Founding Merchants can be found here.
But it’s not just small-item spends. The largest amount on a single transaction was HK$200,000.

2021 and beyond

While we work hard every day to make it count for you, Mox’s ultimate aim is to change your banking experience in Hong Kong for the better. There’ll be additional Smart Banking, Smart Saving, Smart Spending services, including a credit card, currently in beta testing with selected customers, which is expected to launch later.

It may be just more than 1% now, but we’re looking forward to welcoming the rest of Hongkongers in the coming years. Our journey together has only just started!

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