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Huobi Launches New Futures Liquidation Mechanism to Hedge Against Market Volatility

Huobi Joins Open Payments Coalition as Founding Member to Help Drive Digital Payments Adoption

Huobi DM, the leading digital assets derivatives trading platform from Huobi Group, recently announced the launch of a new liquidation mechanism to systematically minimize user exposure during times of severe market volatility. As one of the world’s most active crypto derivatives markets, Huobi DM is introducing new safeguards as well as risk management and control to provide users with a safe, secure, and reliable trading platform.

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Futures contracts allow users to speculate on the future price of underlying assets, but may also result in unnecessary exposure. In traditional futures trading, liquidation is triggered in full at the moment a user’s margin ratio is equal to or less than zero, which means sudden market swings can immediately liquidate highly leveraged positions and cause extensive user losses.

To help users hedge against liquidation risk, Huobi DM now provides partial liquidation, a new mechanism that gradually reduces a user’s positions rather than liquidating them in full in a single event. With the new mechanism, the system will automatically start liquidating a user’s positions in stages—at predetermined margin ratios determined by the user’s calculated exposure—until the margin ratio reaches above zero. The liquidation process also includes a circuit breaker function that halts liquidation when large or unusual deviations between the liquidation price and market price are detected.

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“Market volatility creates new arbitrage opportunities for users, but it can also lead to unnecessarily high-risk circumstances if the right measures aren’t in place to protect them,” said Ciara Sun, VP of Global Business at Huobi Group. “Our goal is to safeguard our users’ assets while providing a robust trading experience, so we’re using this partial liquidation mechanism to minimize the downside without diluting the potential upside.”

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