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Moody’s Analytics Wins European Pensions Innovation Award


Moody’s Analytics has won the European Pensions Innovation Award (Technology) at the 2020 European Pensions Awards. We earned this award for our PFaroe™ DB solution, used by defined benefit pension plans and their advisers to evaluate risk from a multitude of perspectives.

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Our solution facilitates thorough and informed analysis of a plan’s overall position, delivering a transparent view of all asset and liability risk by pulling together otherwise fragmented information. All stakeholders have the same cross balance-sheet view, enabling them to make better and more strategic decisions.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are becoming increasingly important for investment decisions. To that end, the PFaroe DB platform draws on ESG data from Moody’s ESG Solutions Group to allow a pension plan’s investments to be scored for ESG. That information can then be easily reported to investors or regulators and tracked over time.

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“Amidst the continuing uncertainty, having greater visibility into a plan’s performance, funding level, and outlook is critical,” said Matthew Seymour, Head of Buy-Side Solutions at Moody’s Analytics. “We’re proud to win an award for the innovativeness of our solution, and honored that our customers continue to rely on us.”

Moody’s ESG Solutions Group leverages Moody’s data and expertise across ESG, climate risk, and sustainable finance, aligning with Moody’s Investors Service and Moody’s Analytics to deliver a comprehensive and integrated suite of solutions on ESG and climate measures, sustainable finance, and benchmarks.

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