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Raisin U.S. Receives Patent for Tech That Creates on-Demand User-Customized Time Deposits

Raisin U.S. Receives Patent for Tech That Creates on-Demand User-Customized Time Deposits
  • Patented system simplifies and accelerates creation of unique new deposit products
  • Banks using Raisin software offer a private banking service at retail cost

European wealth management fintech Raisin has been granted a second patent for key features of its Savings as a Service (SaaS) technology by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.*

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Client-centricity with real-time customization of time deposit products

The new award recognizes and protects the unique technology that Raisin’s U.S. affiliate licenses to its American partner financial institutions for the real-time customization of deposit products to fit the specific needs of their clients.

“Client-centricity is often mentioned by bank and credit union executives as the core value of their respective institutions. However, reliance on rigid legacy systems significantly hinders their ability to execute on this vision as it relates to the underlying financial products. Thus, client-centricity is often pursued in financial services exclusively through service, instead of also product,” explains Paul Knodel, Raisin U.S CEO. “Raisin’s SaaS platform allows banks and credit unions to bypass this challenge and, without replacing their core banking systems, add customizable deposit products to their offers.”

Patented system promises to democratize a private banking service

Raisin’s invention modifies the direction of the interaction between the client and the financial institution. The bank or credit union no longer presents a preset deposit catalog from which the client has to select their preferred product. Instead, the client explains their needs, such as time horizon, expected cash requirements, and planned cash inflows. The financial institution (or the client, through an online banking channel) records these individual conditions through a real-time interactive interface and creates a personalized account on the spot that fits those exact needs. The result is a positive impact on the net interest margin, shifting the financial institution’s value away exclusively from rate.

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America’s largest asset class: First expansion in generations

Raisin’s cloud-based platform complements existing core banking systems by expanding the range of savings products that banks and credit unions offer and allowing those products to be customized – by the depositors directly or with the help of an advisor. The middleware layer of Raisin’s SaaS platform facilitates its integration with other applications financial institutions use to run their business.

“This software provides a powerful tool for institutions that want to stand out in the business of cash management for individuals, companies, and institutions, enabling them to provide value to clients beyond interest rate, through broader choice and personalization. The patent is especially timely at a moment when American banks need cost-effective strategies to attract and retain high-quality funding in the face of a challenging economic situation,” concludes Knodel.

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