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Realio Partners With $250M+ Valentus Fund to Tokenize Institutional-grade Investment Opportunities

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Realio, the technology ecosystem for institutional-grade digital assets, announces a partnership with Valentus Capital Management. The partnership enables the digitization of an array of private equity opportunities, as well as the issuance of a Valentus Digital platform token. Valentus offerings in the pipeline include a $250M+ investment fund focused on opportunistic investments within the credit sectors and real estate markets. This partnership leads the turning tide in finance that is opening Wall Street’s doors to Main Street, granting mainstream investors access to a digitized claim to a Valentus fund offering.

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“We are thrilled to partner with Valentus and kick off Valentus Digital”

Investors seeking institutional-grade opportunities that offer attractive returns often require inside connections and tens of millions of dollars just to gain access to these vehicles run by top-tier managers, such as private equity firms or hedge funds. As such, a select community of large institutions often manages to grow its wealth in a way that more moderately sized investors, such as family offices and individuals, can’t. Blockchain technology is reducing investment minimums by up to 1000x due to compliance and reporting automation. With low barriers to entry and a global community of p2p investors, assets can be bought and sold in ways previously unthinkable in private equity.

Tokens issued through the Valentus Digital platform give holders a digitized claim to the limited partnership interests of a Valentus fund, whose investment manager Valentus Capital Management anticipates becoming an SEC-registered private equity firm. Mainstream investors can now invest in top tier investments alongside institutions. Valentus specializes in making opportunistic investments based on market-price dislocations, relative value, or securitization/resecuritization potential. The minimum investment threshold for Valentus funds is $2.5M, but through Valentus Digital, investors can join with only $10,000. Furthermore, Valentus is considering issuing a Valentus Digital platform token that will provide investors with exposure to the profitability of the general partner (GP) itself. This GP token would propose a rare opportunity for investors to access performance fees and invest alongside the GP over the company’s life.

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