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Segmint’s Core Data Activation For Financial Institutions Drives Year-Over-Year Company Growth During Pandemic

Segmint's Core Data Activation For Financial Institutions Drives Year-Over-Year Company Growth During Pandemic

Segmint Inc., a fast-growing, global leader in data and analytics that empowers financial institutions to take action on their data has just announced a 102% year-over-year growth in its customer base; a record year during an extraordinary global pandemic.

Financial Institutions are pivoting to react to their customers’ utilization of more digital platforms as they are forced to adapt the traditional brick-and mortar banking model. With analytics at its core, Segmint is partnering with financial institutions to activate their own anonymized data and execute 1-to-1 personalized messaging across multiple channels in real-time.

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Segmint’s Marketing Automation Platform, where clients are realizing an average of 15.46x ROI, leverages payment and transaction data to strengthen customer relationships, serve as the foundation for personalized marketing strategies, and unlock hidden profit opportunities for financial institutions. Behind these personalized messages are Segmint’s proprietary patented Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs). KLIs are assigned to each anonymized customer based on their products, activities and interests, channel preferences, competitive product mix, spending habits, product recency, among many other unique insights from a combination of predictive and real-time transactional behavior.

“As the banking industry evolves, it is critical for financial institutions to leverage data as a core competency to better compete, deliver personalized messages to their customers that are meaningful, and manage attrition to remain profitable,” said Adam Craig, President of Segmint.

Recently securing its tenth patent, proprietary technology makes Segmint the forerunner in the data-driven predictive analytics space. Segmint has made significant investments to integrate AI and machine learning into its latest generation of transaction analytics and predictive modeling capabilities to deliver more accurate insights at greater speed and scale than ever before. The first in a new generation of AI modeling capabilities is Segmint’s Predictive Attrition Model, where KLI’s are the catalyst to guide financial institutions in decreasing their attrition rates by predicting which account holders are likely to leave in the near future.

In line with being a leading innovator in the data analytics space, Segmint’s Merchant Payment Cleansing service is a differentiator in the industry in terms of speed, accuracy and scale. Transaction cleansing is a critical tool that allows financial institutions to better understand customer transaction behavior and model spend patterns. The content of merchant payment transactions is often cryptic and non-descript, with a significant number of transaction variants for a single merchant, making it difficult to distill into a merchant name. In a recent project, Segmint was able to assign more than 10x the number of detailed merchant categories than the leading competitor.

Craig continued, “Segmint’s automation, augmented by granular scientific research conducted by ‘real humans,’ produces highly accurate results for our clients. This will continue to put us in a commanding position amongst the competitors in the market.”

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