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SmartSearch Unveils Ultimate Beneficial Owner Service

SmartSearch U.S. Introduces Enhanced Digital Fraud Checks with Data Referencing and Triangulation

Leading anti-money laundering (AML) firm SmartSearch, has launched a new service to help businesses identify the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) of large corporates.

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The increased capability comes as SmartSearch is now integrated with Experian’s Ultimate Beneficial Owner database, and is in response to customer feedback about the frustration of trying to cut through complex corporate structures.

The new service will not only enable businesses to have greater clarity about the ownership of corporate entities they wish to do business with but will also ensure they are compliant with due diligence legislation and Know Your Business (KYB) checks.

According to John Dobson, CEO at RegTech specialists SmartSearch, increasing numbers of businesses are finding it difficult to identify the UBO of corporate bodies where multiple businesses own shares.

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He said: “This is an exciting new development which will help users quickly and efficiently understand the ownership structure of a company and identify any individual with 10% or more of the share value.

“This new functionality enables organisations to streamline the identification of the UBO and meet regulatory obligations, all at the click of a button.

“We know how frustrating it is for firms who need to establish the identity of the UBO to find themselves lost in a labyrinth of multiple business names which have shares in the corporation, which may all be linked back to certain individuals or trusts.

“Now, by simply doing a smartsearch they can cut through the corporate fog and get a clear picture of the ultimate beneficial owner quickly, digitally and without the need for hard copy documents.

“Only SmartSearch has the ability to verify individuals and companies in the UK, and internationally, in a single platform via a browser or API.”

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