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Tech Alliance is Helping Rebuild the Shattered Economies by Democratizing FinTech During the Pandemic

Tech Alliance is Helping Rebuild the Shattered Economies by Democratizing FinTech During the Pandemic

You can’t rebuild during a hurricane. But you can rebuild during a pandemic. While this pandemic rages on we can prepare for the future we are going to need to rebuild. The future that was well underway, where innovations in financial inclusion were eliminating extreme poverty for not millions, but hundreds of millions of people around the world. Now this progress is set back because of the pandemic disrupting economies, especially young and fragile ones.

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Corent Tech’s SurPaaS® Platform and Microsoft Azure Cloud enable Mifos Initiative to offer affordable core financial services to the 2 billion unbanked and impoverished populations

It will take a concerted effort to rebuild those economies, to once again start lifting the unbanked, the uncredited, the impoverished millions hardest hit by this economic stop orders. The world flung itself into stasis to cope with a virus, now we need to work to revive and rebuild those economies.

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The Mifos Initiative mission is to speed the elimination of poverty by coordinating a global community that builds, supports, and uses Mifos X, a free and open source platform that enables financial service providers to more effectively and efficiently deliver responsible financial services to the world’s 2 billion poor and underbanked.

Corent recently collaborated with The Mifos Initiative to bring the Mifos X platform onto Microsoft Azure Cloud as an efficient self-service SaaS (Software as a Service) using Corent’s SurPaaS SaaS-enablement platform, offering an easy pathway to an affordable Mifos X environment for any fintech solution provider. Now anyone who wants to start rebuilding the economy of the world by offering financial inclusion has an opportunity to do so very easily with the Mifos X platform running on Azure for a modest monthly fee. The Mifos X platform is a highly regarded core banking system which can be used by any organization to deliver core banking capabilities at very low cost.

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