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Twenty Over Ten Launches Lead Pilot, the First Inbound Marketing Solution for Financial Advisors Built to Drive Qualified Prospects Through Hyper-Personalized Content Marketing

Twenty Over Ten Launches Lead Pilot, the First Inbound Marketing Solution for Financial Advisors Built to Drive Qualified Prospects Through Hyper-Personalized Content Marketing

Unveiled at the T3 Advisor Conference, the New Product Offers Advisory Businesses Of All Sizes a Turnkey, AI-Powered Solution that Combines Personalization with Automation

 Twenty Over Ten, an industry-leading SaaS company, formally launched Lead Pilot, the industry’s first-ever AI-powered all-in-one solution for content creation and distribution. Twenty Over Ten made the announcement at the T3 Advisor Conference, taking place at the Marriott Marquis in San Diego, California.

“Since starting Twenty Over Ten, we’ve said there are two mega-trends that would shape the future of advisor sales and marketing: personalization and automation,” said Ryan Russell, founder and CEO of Twenty Over Ten. “Over the last few years we’ve built an industry-leading website platform, and now we’re expanding our offering by launching a turnkey inbound marketing platform. This new product gives financial advisors an all-in-one, intuitive platform to dramatically increase the number of leads and simplify the entire inbound marketing process.”

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Lead Pilot enables advisors to launch robust, multi-touchpoint content campaigns from a streamlined, easy-to-use dashboard. Team members can collaborate and share content pieces, upload original content, and customize content from a robust media library that includes video, editorial and infographic content (all unique to Lead Pilot). Once added, the content is scheduled to be sent out via email or social media via branded landing pages – all of which are automatically archived to meet industry compliance standards.

“People are busy, and communication channels are cluttered, lacking personality,” said Samantha Russell, Twenty Over Ten’s Chief Marketing Officer. “To get people’s attention, you have to create highly personalized content that is uniquely relevant to them. We designed this tool for businesses of all sizes – so whether you already produce a steady stream of original content and are looking for a way to automate the dissemination of that content for your advisors and collect lead information, or if you are just starting out on your marketing journey and want an all-in-one marketing platform with a dedicated coach to help you grow – this tool is for you.”

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Lead Generation, Qualification and Conversion

Lead Pilot’s algorithms enable advisors to track the engagement level for every lead and the AI-powered platform generates a score between 1-100 for each lead in real-time. Coupled with Lead Pilot’s robust analytics and proprietary LEAD score, advisors can easily visualize not just the quantity but the quality of leads they’ve received via their digital marketing efforts.

Advisors can also pull detailed reports on exactly which content each individual in their system is reading, what content is producing the most leads overall, and which social media platforms are creating the highest engagement. Armed with this level of reporting, advisors can easily personalize content to capture, nurture and convert qualified leads to continuously grow their business.

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