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VeriTran and Mambu Partner to Deliver Financial Digital Experiences in Record Time

VeriTran and Mambu Partner to Deliver Financial Digital Experiences in Record Time

VeriTran, a leading global Low-Code platform provider, and Mambu, a global cloud banking platform, announced their official partnership. The collaboration allows VeriTran’s front-end capabilities to integrate with Mambu’s true SaaS cloud banking platform, resulting in a streamlined solution that assists traditional banks in the US and Latin America launch their digital apps in a matter of weeks, not years.

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With digital transformation playing an increasingly critical role in today’s global environment, financial institutions recognize the need to leverage technology to remain at the forefront of competitive innovation. This strategic partnership provides a solution that allows global customers and traditional banks to innovate and achieve a fully digital experience in record time without the need of programming.

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VeriTran’s Low-Code Platform provides a visual and intuitive Drag-and-Drop model that allows clients to create customized apps in a fraction of the usual time—and without writing a single line of code. As the transition to digital channels increases, the company remains committed to powering the growth of client’s new business solutions through rapid scaling of digital capabilities.

Mambu’s true SaaS banking and lending platform is a cloud-native, scalable and secure solution. The platform provides modern and flexible technology to support the growth of modern banking and lending services. It enables customers to use the highly configurable core platform to easily integrate with a pre-selected range of best-for-purpose partners.

“As digital transformation becomes a priority for customers, the app economy continues to play a critical role in driving business innovation,” said Omar Arab, EVP Corporate Business at VeriTran. He added, “We are excited to welcome Mambu into our financial ecosystem. We see them as a valuable partner in providing a highly configurable back-end platform and we view this collaboration as the next step in delivering a best-in-class digital platform to our clients.”

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