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WILLPORT App Releases Unique Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer

WILLPORT App Releases Unique Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer

Paving the way for multi-generational wealth transfer and gifting in one app.

The WILLPORT App launched its WILLPORTmoney feature, and it’s free. While most peer-to-peer money transfer apps only move money, the WILLPORT App is multiple apps in one. Through the end of February 2021, newly registered users will receive $10 in their “Money” wallets.

Create a WILLPORT circle of family and friends. The app’s features will allow you to send money payments and choose from more than 250 trackable electronic gift cards, flowers, and experiences like kayaking or golf. Users will be notified of special events, like anniversaries and birthdays through their newsfeed. The app will deliver immediate or scheduled transmissions of money and gifts and track them on a calendar. You can attach free personalized voice e-greeting cards created from your photos or a WILLPORT featured artist. With the WILLPORT app, users can also send gifts to non-WILLPORT users. However, you have to be registered to receive voice greeting cards and videos. You can even digitally say “thank you” after receiving money and gifts.

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The money payment features offer multiple capabilities:

  • Schedule one-time or recurring money payments up to 14 months in advance.
  • Personalize with a typed or voice message.
  • Instant wallet-to-wallet transfers along with standard transfers.
  • All customers are verified using two-step authentication and back-end authentication software to ensure the app is safe and secure.
  • Use a recipient’s cell phone number to send money, and first-time recipients will have to “accept” your payment.
  • $3,000 daily limit.

In late 2021, WILLPORTtrust, the Inheritance Blockchain Trust, will be launching the AFTERlife Legacy Platform, which will enable individuals to set up an affordable Estate Plan and Trust. The trust will allow money, some retirement plans, and life insurance proceeds to be disbursed electronically and directly to their beneficiaries over several years instead of a lump sum. Inheritance is sent directly to beneficiary’s WILLPORT App. A benefactor can add a personalized message, video, or gifts, like flowers, to their legacy disbursement.

WILLPORTtrust is paving the way for multi-generational wealth transfer and gifting in one app.

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