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Wisebitcoin Continues Addition of Experts to its Team with Andrew Chae

Wisebitcoin Continues Addition of Experts to its Team with Andrew Chae

Crypto exchange veteran, investor, and entrepreneur Andrew Chae has become another addition to the Wisebitcoin decentralized exchange’s team.

Crypto exchange veteran, investor, and entrepreneur Andrew Chae has become another addition to the Wisebitcoin decentralized exchange’s team. Following a recent announcement by colleague Sangwook Lee, he joins the company as a senior advisor as well. Both have seen potential in the cryptocurrency exchange to develop services for professional traders that are unparalleled in the industry.

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Mr. Chae is the former CSO of Huobi Korea, a leading exchange in the Asian cryptocurrency markets, and Bluehelix Korea Co-CEO, a pioneering blockchain technology provider. Andrew Chae’s participation in Wisebitcoin is sure to bring key insights into building better tools and customer service, both of which are features that distinguish Wisebitcoin among its competitors. The new senior advisor is also known for founding the Korea-China Leaders Forum.

“I’m happy to join Wisebitcoin as an advisor and I’m excited to contribute in optimizing Wisebitcoin’s ability to provide the public with a safe but easy exchange environment,” said Mr. Chae.

Wisebitcoin recently launched special trading features such as the unique ability to place long and short positions with leverage of up to 100:1 for contract trading to over 15 million users and 280 merchants around the globe. The exchange also offers deep liquidity and around-the-clock customer service.

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