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ErisX Selected to Participate in Hawaii’s Digital Currency Innovation Lab Pilot Program

ErisX today announced participation in a pilot program by the State of Hawaii’s Digital Currency Innovation Lab (DCIL) to provide residents of Hawaii immediate access to a U.S. based spot and regulated futures market on cryptocurrencies. Under the two-year pilot program, ErisX is one of 12 digital currency issuers allowed to do business in Hawaii without obtaining a state money transmitter license.

In partnership with the Hawaii Division of Financial Institutions, the program is expected to create economic opportunities for Hawaii through early adoption of cryptocurrencies, offer consumer protection by providing guidance to issuers of cryptocurrencies and provide data to shape legislation supporting cryptocurrencies.

“We are proud to welcome ErisX into our pilot program and work with them to position Hawaii at the forefront of financial technology innovation,” said Len Higashi, acting executive director of the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC). “We look forward to ErisX contributing to the creation of a secure, transparent and innovative crypto marketplace in the state.”

“We are pleased the HTDC recognizes our commitment to bring transparency and security to the crypto markets. We welcome residents of the State of Hawaii to the only U.S. based exchange to provide spot and regulated futures on cryptocurrencies on one platform,” said Thomas Chippas, CEO of ErisX. “We enable individual investors access to both cryptocurrencies and products to manage their risk exposure.”

ErisX is an exchange and clearinghouse that includes a CFTC-regulated futures market for Bitcoin and Ether as well as a 24/7 spot market for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Litecoin. Eris Clearing, the in-house clearinghouse, guarantees trades and eliminates counterparty risk.

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