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CompoSecure Launches Security Awareness Campaign

CompoSecure Launches Security Awareness Campaign

Usernames and passwords are not enough to protect online accounts as over 90% of Internet users worry about getting their passwords hacked

CompoSecure, Inc., a leader in metal payment cards, security, and authentication solutions, has launched a marketing awareness campaign, highlighting the need for enhanced security to protect online accounts and financial assets in today’s digital economy.

The Arculus Secure Authentication Solution allows companies to offer their customers a tap-to-authenticate security solution using a debit or credit card, an ideal offering for a bank or fintech that provides payment cards as part of their value proposition. This simple and secure technology can authenticate a user by tapping the card to the phone for customer login, high-value transaction validation, customer service verification, and new device authentication.

The new marketing campaign will emphasize how the CompoSecure Arculus Secure Authentication Solution can solve the business challenge of moving beyond usernames and passwords. The risks associated with passwords are increasingly top of mind. For example, The Wall Street Journal highlighted how passwords are considered ‘weak links’ and how some companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, are working to eliminate them all together. In another study, over 90% of internet users worry about getting their passwords hacked and 57% of people who have been scammed in phishing attacks haven’t changed their passwords.

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“In today’s digital-first world, it can be argued that we have traded security for convenience, partially due to the desire for anytime, anywhere and instantaneous account access,” said Jon Wilk, CEO of CompoSecure. “That expectation won’t change but, at the same time, consumers need enhanced and easily accessible security capabilities that go beyond the inherently flawed username and password, especially as we enter Web 3.0.”

The unique differentiator of the Arculus Secure Authentication Solution is that it is enabled through one of the most commonly used assets in the world, a payment card. The number of payment cards in circulation worldwide is projected to reach more than 28 billion by 2027, according to Nilson Report research.

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Mr. Wilk added: “It will be important for companies to offer solutions that combine high security with ease of use, or as we like to say: secure access in 3 seconds or less. Arculus bolsters security while simultaneously offering that speed of access in a form factor that everyone knows how to use and has with them all the time.”

By turning a debit or credit card into a physical security token, institutions can provide both enhanced security and closely associate consumer protection to a company’s brand identity.

In addition, the Arculus Security Solution can be leveraged by any business as a secure login solution to validate user identity, secure access to a platform, or even for provisioning devices. CompoSecure can deliver the solution on a custom, branded metal card for any business.

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