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Artificial Intelligence to Dominate Financial Innovation
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Artificial Intelligence to Dominate Financial Innovation

Abid Ali
AI is already taking the mainstream markets by storm. It is, however, poised to revolutionise digital finance in profound ways. It will be the driving force behind a host of transformative changes, from enhancing customer experiences to improving operational efficiency and risk management. AI-powered chatbots and virtual financial assistants will......
WorldRemit Announces Winners in the UK and Norway of Holiday Season Promotion to Help Filipino Beneficiaries Start a Business
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WorldRemit Delivers USD Bank Transfers to Nigeria in Time for Christmas

Fintech News Desk
Extending delivery of new CBN diaspora remittance rules whilst offering customers another convenient and flexible payout option WorldRemit, a cross-border digital payments service, launched a service for customers in Nigeria to receive international transfers in their bank accounts in USD ahead of the Christmas celebrations. This further demonstrates WorldRemit’s ongoing......