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LayerZero Labs’ Stargate Finance Integrates With Metis To Facilitate First Blockchain Expansion Since Launch

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Stargate, a fully composable liquidity transport protocol, is set to deploy today at 9AM PST/ 12PM EST on Metis Andromeda, an organization committed to building a robust and decentralized layer 2 infrastructure to empower the Web3 economy. This new integration marks Stargate’s first blockchain expansion beyond the LayerZero ecosystem – enabling an......
KKR Leads US$68 Million Series B Funding Round in AI Leader Advanced Navigation
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ZetaChain Introduces First-Ever Omnichain Smart Contracts And Native Bitcoin Interoperability Support To Over 500,000 Users

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Building off of its hyper-growth trajectory, California-based public L1 blockchain and omnichain smart contract platform ZetaChain (ZETA) announces the launch of an upgraded testnet. This powerful network upgrade supports cross-chain messaging and introduces Omnichain Smart Contracts support. ZetaChain is the only public blockchain where smart contracts can access and manage assets, data, and liquidity......