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BLGI INC. Launches “BLGI Markets” Platform Variant for Clients Including Banks and Asset Management Companies

BLGI INC. Launches "BLGI Markets” Platform Variant for Clients Including Banks and Asset Management Companies

BLGI, Inc. (OTC: BLGI) (“BLGI” or the “Company”) announced today the introduction of its asset management trading platform that will be white labelled to third party clients.

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BLGI Inc. launches “BLGI Markets” platform variant for clients including banks and asset management companies. The “white label” platform offering delivers market data, trading, and asset management technology with BLGI’s unique De-centralized Network Architecture in the clients desired configuration and design.

BLGI Markets (the “Platform/s”) has been designed and built by BLGI’s CEO Lawrence P. Cummins utilizing proprietary De-centralized Cloud Architecture entitled “ DCA”. “With significantly lower costs of implementation and hosted in the cloud, DCA offers unparalleled reliability with no service outages. We look forward to announcing further white labelled variants of BLGI Markets for our clients as well as deploying DCA into other market sectors”said Lawrence P. Cummins.

BLGI Markets provides real-time market data on company stocks, Forex, Futures, CFD’s EFT’s, Indices, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency Markets.

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De-centralized Cloud Architecture – DCA TM – enables all of BLGI’s proprietary platforms including it BLGI Markets Platform to operate without all information passing through a single point.  This key development from BLGI means that no one party is required to be responsible for all the data and information: All BLGI platforms operate on a peer-to-peer basis with security utilizing 256-bit encryption. 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data or files. It is one of the most secure encryption methods after 128- and 192-bit encryption and is used in most modern encryption algorithms protocols.

BLGI’s Platforms offer unique security, privacy and control over the assets. The Platforms also operate with the utilization of a smart contract. When a transaction initiates on a Platform, a DEX (decentralized exchange), the transaction data is processed on different hard drives and verified to achieve a secure result.

The Company is currently in-build with several asset management clients for white-labelled versions Platforms. BLGI is a leading Data Science innovator building technology for the Internet of Economies and provides Machine Learning and blockchain solutions for Fin-tech, Media, and other market sectors.

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