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ClearList Announces an Equities Marketplace for Private Companies

ClearList Announces an Equities Marketplace for Private Companies

As global economies rebuild from Covid-19, ClearList will transform the private company valuation process, boosting capital formation and accelerating the path to public listing

ClearList, a digital trading platform that will transform price-discovery of private company securities and provide liquidity for those securities, was announced today, including its inaugural private-company client, San Diego-based Cibus, a leader in advanced plant-breeding technologies.

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“ClearList will be the equities marketplace for private companies”

ClearList is majority-owned by GTS, a leading electronic market maker across global financial instruments, as well as the largest Designated Market Maker at the New York Stock Exchange and the largest wholesale market maker of over-the-counter securities in the United States. ClearList will utilize technology and market expertise provided by GTS.

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“ClearList will be the equities marketplace for private companies,” said Ari Rubenstein, Chairman of ClearList and co-founder and CEO of GTS, the majority owner of ClearList. “America will need transparent capital formation to restart the post-Covid-19 economy and ClearList is a game-changing platform that will revolutionize the private-to-public life-cycle for America’s fastest growing and most enterprising companies. ClearList will bring unprecedented transparency to private company pricing, enabling growth and smoothing the road to a successful IPO.”

Peter Beetham, Ph.D., and CEO of Cibus, said, “ClearList is an urgently needed sophisticated trading platform for transparent valuation of exciting pre-IPO companies. The time is long overdue for private company investors in innovative companies like Cibus to have a fair, transparent and democratized platform on which to have their private shares traded.”

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